Shadmoor State Park

Overview of Shadmoor Advisors

Shadmoor Advisors is a boutique operational due diligence consulting firm focused on investment managers and their funds. Established in 2014 by Michael Merrigan, the Shadmoor team has grown to seven individuals, the majority of whom have decades of experience in the alternative investment industry as allocators and operations professionals. Shadmoor’s headquarters is located in Westport, Connecticut.

Who Does Shadmoor Serve?

Shadmoor’s clients are leading institutions within the alternative investment industry, including dozens of alternative investment allocators, placement agents, and investment managers located in the U.S. and abroad.

Shadmoor’s primary service offering is the completion of comprehensive operational due diligence reviews of investment managers and their funds located throughout the world on behalf of institutional alternative investment allocators. These operational due diligence reviews are generally completed at both the inception of the investment and on an ongoing monitoring basis.

Shadmoor also completes a variety of types of operational due diligence related engagements tailored to the specific needs of placement agents and investment managers, such as mock operational due diligence reviews and drafting policy documentation.

What Makes Shadmoor’s Operational Due Diligence Offering Unique?

Shadmoor is a leading boutique operational due diligence consulting firm, differentiated by five key principles:

  1. Shadmoor is focused on operational due diligence consulting.
  2. Shadmoor’s client engagements are limited to a focused number of clients in a co-sourced methodology, essentially serving as an extension of our clients’ organizations.
  3. A majority of the Shadmoor team are senior O.D.D. professionals with decades of alternative investment experience.
  4. Customizable operational due diligence mandates with regard to scope, frequency, asset type, etc.
  5. Shadmoor does not offer operational due diligence reports through a database format, nor does it provide its clients with investment ideas. Our client’s privacy, with respect to the investment opportunities they identify and participate in are held in strict confidence.